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Quebec Summit © Linda Dawn Hammond 2001

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Images and text © Linda Dawn Hammond 2015


"SEXGARAGE 1990: Untold Stories and Unseen Photographs of Linda Dawn Hammond" is available as a PDF for $5.00 US through PAYPAL! NOTE: Be sure to INCLUDE in MESSAGES the EMAIL ADDRESS you want the EBOOK sent to, AND verify that you can accept a 10 MG PDF file. Otherwise use a dropbox. Please do NOT share the PDF book file- encourage people to purchase their own. All photos and text within the book are protected by copyright. Thank-you!

The First Edition of Linda Dawn Hammond's E BOOK, "SEXGARAGE 1990: Untold Stories and Unseen Photographs of Linda Dawn Hammond" is now UP! It is an intimate and complete account of her experiences at SEXGARAGE, the LOVE-IN arrests and jail time, some strange events which followed and connected protests. It includes untold stories and a near complete set of ALL the SEXGARAGE photos- 16 from the party and 28 from the police street attack, as well as several other photographs, including Bar Lezard that night, subsequent protests and various photo series she created in the 1980s-1990s. It is available NOW as an Ebook- as a downloadable PDF of 10 MGs, for the price of $5.00 American, released as of August 14, 2015. Future print publications and a French translation are forthcoming. Payment can be made through PAYPAL

2015 is the 25th Anniversary of SEXGARAGE, a turning point in Montreal's LGBT history and what some consider to be Montreal's "Stonewall". Photographer Linda Dawn Hammond was at the party and documented the events, which included a vicious and homophobic police attack on the SEX GARAGE patrons, who had been sent out on the street. She was invited to be a Guest of Honour at the Fierte Pride Events, Montreal, in August 2015. Her 1990 photos of Sexgarage and the Love-In protest at Police Station 25, many previously unseen, were on public exhibit during Fierte Montreal 2015.
Linda Dawn Hammond

CBC News and Daybreak Radio Interview (Montreal), Montreal Sex Garage LGBT party raid, 25 years later Interview with Mike Finnerty, August 12, 2015, Review, Photos

The Link (Montreal), The 9th edition of Montreal Pride came to a close Sunday, with the Pride parade attracting tens of thousands of spectators downtown despite a heat warning in effect for the city. by Matt D’amours, August 17, 2015,

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